Frequently Asked Questions

1. What inspire us to invent Blue Eye Noah?
The Japan 311 Earthquake and aftercoming tsunami shocks us that the best prepared country in the world can’t save their citizens in such major disasters. We have to be able to save ourselves in such extreme situation.
2. Why is it named “Blue Eye Noah”?
Please see Why Blue Eye Noah.
3. How long can it last without any outside power source?
Indefinitely, with optional solar panel and wind-power generator.
4. What make it waterproof?
Blue Eye Noah is made from two whole piece of FRP boat structure. The only thing that is more water proof in the world is a submarine.
5. What make it Bullet-proof?
Its body is made from Kevlar-reinforce FRP that we build luxury yachts.
6. How many models we can choice from?
17 and 23 feet models depend on your budget and interior space requirements.
7. Why you say Blue Eye Noah is anti-NBC?
Because it is basically watertight and airtight, with optional positive pressure air filter and water filter. It can give you the best chance to survive even in situation like Fukushima nuclear disaster.
8. How confident you are once flood or tsunami comes?
Blue Eye Noah has passed the water flooding test. That shows our confidence about its safety margin against flood, or tsunami.
9. How much would I pay for to own a Blue Eye Noah?
The most basic model may cost you US$20,000. The price may go up to US$70,000 with hand-craft teak interior and all luxury options.
10. How long will I wait to get my Blue Eye Noah if I pay now?
Depend on the area you live. It’s available in Taiwan already.
11. Why should I worry about the tsunami?
If you live in coastal area of North America Pacific North West and you are under 50 years old. The odds you will meet a major tsunami is bigger than the odds you won’t meet one. That’s the cruel truth.
RV Blue Eye Noah is the ultimate refuge protecting you from tsunami and nuclear contamination.