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In sunny days, Blue Eye Noah is a RV to luxuriate your life. When hurricane blows, it’s your Noah trailer sailing through rough seas. It’s your best choice of RV against all weather and disastrous situation.

Blue Eye Noah is covered by the following patents:

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Green Technology

Minimum carbon emissions/Your first choice of green RV

  • Multiple power sources – A diesel generator set, a solar panel module, and a wind power module.
  • Low energy consumption – an auto-adjusted AC system, LED or natural sunlight (saving 50-60% of electricity compared to ordinary RVs), and low carbon emissions.

Perfect Protection

Water proof, Anti-NBC (nuclear, biological, chemical) attacks/Safty is in the detail

Blue Eye Noah is specifically designed to meet and even excede the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) criteria and provide "near-absolute protection" in extreme weather events. Blue Eye Noah is made of FRP, the same material used for luxury yachts, and its whole body is built like submarine to withstand any hurricane or flood, even tsunami.

We also provide 2 optional equipments to reinforce best durability:
(1) hospital-standard air filter, (2) water filter system capable of treating bacteria or nuclear-contaminated water.

For more information about the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), please visist their website:

Luxurious Comfort

Home-style comfort in luxurious environment

  • Luxury Yacht Like – High gloss teak interior, exquisite home appliances and bathroom setting.
  • Flexibility – Home trailer for your family to hit the road, or a guest room for the friends, is at your disposal for a splendid experience.

Versatile, Recreational

Innovative and patented design for multiple uses/Recreational mobile home for fun, safety, and survival!

Optional packages will give this RV multi-function adaptability for water, snow, ice, and other challenging landscapes. You name it. Wherever you go, Blue Eye Noah is your best company for enjoyment and comfort. The size is just right to fit into a standard container for you to carry long distance.

  • Holiday Villa – Blue Eye Noah is a mobile villa with a living room, bathroom, bedroom and kitchen. Full family-style facilities give you home-like comfort while your family enjoys outdoors sunshine or starry skies with sound security and privacy.
  • Boathouse – With additional floating tubes, Blue Eye Noah transforms into a boathouse for your family to enjoy lake-side tranquility and immense waterfronts.
  • Ice-fishing House – No need for any refitting of the Blue Eye Noah, it keeps you company while you are ice-fishing and gives you good comfort when you finish. Its body is light-weight, durable and 100% water-proof.
  • Snow-mobiled House – With additional sleds or snow tires, Blue Eye Noah can be attached to a snow mobile to travel to treacherous mountain peaks or on snowy roads with ease and safety. Its special inside helps you overcome uneasiness of traveling in bad weather.


L x W x H6.4M x 2.2M x 2.4M
Fuel capacity400L
Water capacity100L
Full load2.0T
Diesel generator7kw (optional)
Solar module270W (optional)
Wind power generator500W (optional)
Bullet proof version(optional)


Image 001 - RV Blue Eye Noah Interior  Image 002 - RV Blue Eye Noah Interior
Image 003 - RV Blue Eye Noah Interior  Image 004 - RV Blue Eye Noah Interior
Image 005 - RV Blue Eye Noah Interior  Image 006 - RV Blue Eye Noah Interior
Image 007 - RV Blue Eye Noah Exterior  Image 008 - RV Blue Eye Noah Exterior
Image 009 - RV Blue Eye Noah Exterior  Image 010 - RV Blue Eye Noah Exterior
Image 011 - RV Blue Eye Noah Exterior  Image 012 - RV Blue Eye Noah Exterior